Green House
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Green House
Producing music for the church and His glory.

 We aim to be a body of worshippers that promotes a type of ‘greenhouse’ effect within the body of Christ.


A Green House is a glass building in which plants are grown, used for cultivating tender plants or growing plants in any season.

What does this have to do with a worship band?

  • Cultivation or protection of tender plants

  • Greenhouses are effective at promoting plant growth and fruit production.

  • The greenhouse works by collecting light and converting it to heat.

  • Releases that energy properly.

  • Environment for plants to grow and thrive in.

  • Even when the sun goes down, the warmth in the soil and water continue to protect the plants.

  • The greenhouse prevents strong winds from pulling up roots or blowing seeds.

Glass– On display. As a band we desire to be a community that is known by our love for one another. We outwardly show our love for Jesus in worship.

Cultivate- A place of growthAs we worship together we will grow in love for the Lord and love for one another. We will grow in hunger for Him, knowledge of Him and passion for Him.

Protection– A safe place. Worshipping in community is a safe place to open up, pour ourselves out and express worship without judgement, embarrassment or shame. It is a safe place to laugh, cry, whisper or shout!

Fruit– As we grow in a safe healthy worship environment, FRUIT is produced. Worship changes us, the people we meet, our community and our nation. Everything changes when we take our eyes off of ourselves and fix them on JESUS.

Collecting Light (Exodus 34:29 When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.)

As we worship Jesus, His radiance shines down. Jesus is the light of the world- where there is light there can be no darkness.

Convert to heat– as we see the radiance of Christ we move from cold/lukewarm to being on fire for the Lord.

Release energy properly- We take that burning passion to a broken and lost world. Instead of Moses staying in the Lords presence “he came out and told the Israelites what he had been commanded”.

We are to take our passion for the Lord and share ‘radiant faces’ with our colleagues, classmates, friends, family and ultimately our community and nation.

When the sun goes down– When we face storms, struggles and even persecution, seeking the Lord in community (body of Christ) keeps us alive, growing and bearing fruit. When the night gets cold we have warmth and are encouraged so that we remain on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prevents strong winds from pulling up roots- In community we are rooted in our common love for Jesus. Worshipping together puts down roots so we are not easily swayed. The presence of the Lord strengthens and protects us from being swayed by the world.

That is the type of community we want to be.